We use secure, NHS approved software to provide video consultations safely and effectively for our patients.


We use secure, NHS approved software to provide video consultations
safely and effectively for our patients.

Increase cases of measles

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Measles can spread to other people easily.

Patients who have an appointment to come into the practice should not attend if they have:

  • a fever and a rash; with
  • cold symptoms;
  • or a cough;
  • or red, sore eyes (conjunctivitis)

Please contact the surgery and one of our clinicians will call you back.

For more information on measles, please visit the NHS website.

New Patients


New Patients Welcome

To register with us as a new patient, please click one of the below options. We aim to process your registration within 48 working hours.

It is helpful to have your NHS number when registering with us. If you are unsure of your NHS number, please visit Find your NHS number – NHS  (The NHS website).

Practice boundary – John Smith Medical Centre. We accept registrations from patients in the local area. If you are unsure if you live in our boundary area, please click on the link below or call us on 020 8594 9013.

John Smith Medical Centre- boundary checker

*NEW* New Patient Registration Form - Clone

Personal Information

Complete the registration form below with the details of the child

Please select your sex as recorded at birth.
Please select the gender that you most identify with.

Language Support

Do you need an interpreter?
Do you use any of the following?

Contact Details

Have you lived at your current home address for more than 3 years?
Select country of birth

Next of Kin

Please provide a contact number. We will only contact your next of kin in an emergency situation

Child Under 16 Registration

Protection Plan/Foster Care Information

Parents/Carer Details


Father/Other Carer

Child's School Details

Please advise if the child has had any of the following immunisations (you can check your child's red book).

Age due: 8 weeks

Age due: 12 weeks

Age due: 16 weeks

Age due: 12 months

Age due: 3 years 4 months old or soon after

Our ethos is to keep people healthy through screening and immunisation programmes. We actively encourage your child to follow the routine immunisation schedule.

Your Information

We would like to send you text messages to your registered mobile about your healthcare. This may include things like appointment reminders and test results. Is this OK?
Would you like us to send you appropriate emails from the surgery?
Summary Care Record
A summary care record (SCR) is an electronic summary of key health information. It will hold limited essential information derived initially from your GP record. This will include medication, adverse reactions and allergies. If you wish to know more information regarding the system and the benefits please ask reception. Alternatively, visit the website: or call 0845 603 8510
Would you like to
Are you happy for us to share your full medical records electronically with other services involved in your care?